The fictional kingdom of Pisuerga hides its passion and intrigue, but not very well. Laura de Nazianzi, one of the Queen’s maids is having an affair with prince Yousef. Will their love prevail over the royal plans to marry him off to the princess of England? Who cares? The Queen is obsessed with an archeological excavation and has drafted in an English explorer to help. King Willie is wearied by it all, but luckily the Archduchess Lizzie can make up for both of them in enthusiasm. Little Prince Olaf doesn’t want to grow up. The Duchess of Varna is looking her arrogant best (as always!) and keeping her flower-shop a secret from everyone. The visiting Queen of Dateland seems less interested in bringing the two kingdoms together than with having a lesbian escapade. Meanwhile, the English ambassadress, to her horror, has found fleas at the Ritz! Eva Schnerb, a columnist for “The Pisuergan Times”, is soaking up all the intrigue. That leaves the dog, Teddywegs – he seems innocent, but is he?